Would you like to earn extra money ? do you like to be at home ? do you like shopping ? taking survey's ? giving your opinions on products ? and so much more ???

here are some ways, links and idea's on how you can do just that.... I am getting into that and do that - and am just getting started... I want to share with you all as well.

  I do taste tests, participate in consumer studies, surveys online and so much more.... here is a list of market research firms, places and facilities where you can sign up and join there databases and create your own accounts and profiles to be invited via phone, person, and email to participate in these fabulous money making opportunities and these are legit as well.

 You also can take surveys to win cash and prizes etc. you can google "find paid focus groups", "Paid market research studies" "paid online surveys" Just some keywords you can use to find your way to the following websites. Also i will be listing websites and other places where you can sign up online to do surveys and studies....

I am signed up with a TON and as i find more i will sign up for any and most new places, databases, and websites as i hear and find and hear about them. So be sure to subscribe so you do not miss any! www.brylesresearch.com www.fieldwork.com www.pk-research.com www.mdcresearch.com www.acop.com/ you can go to: www.findfocusgroups.com , http://www.fgglobal.com/ , www.dallasbydefinition.com - just are some other ones that are real good as well..

You also can do a google search for "Nationwide paid studies" and find several and TONS of websites of market rearch places to sign up for their databases. i believe you can also search by state and also if you go to: www.greenbook.org and that is a directory of places you can register with.. some online survey places i use and like are as follows: www.I-say.com www.mypoints.com www.bigspot.com those are just a few and unlimited possibilities...

 The sky's the limit.... I can go on and on but, would not want to bore you... You can also google and search Mystery shopping as well and i am sure you can find tons of firms to sign up with for mystery shopping. If you have any questions please do not hesitate....


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