Thursday, January 31, 2013


Get a Free Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty 7-Day Challenge Kit !!!! That's right!!! you can request a free sample while Supplies last so you have got to HURRY!!! You can request your free sample by visiting....

Full of Pockets giveaway..... ends Feb 1st

Disclaimer/Note: This giveaway is not mine.... I found it online and on one of my friends blogs and wanted to get to word out (HELP GET THE WORD OUT) about it.... Here is the link where you can be directed to this giveaway and to enter. If you are unable to actually click on the link/url please copy and paste the link into a new browser.

Shop your way rewards.....

*If you have a KMART and or Sears nearby or any of the family of stores in which Sears and Kmart is apart of - You got to go visit and sign up for a free membership and shop your way rewards card that lets you earn free points for FREE and or really deeply discounted stuff. And you also earn for discounts and are in the know for members only exclusives and many many many other perks.


Do you like free stuff ? do you like free samples ? Then this is for you.... visit and you can sign up to recieve this free sample and emails daily for a new sample every day. you also can sign up for freebies on products at:

My coke rewards

If you would like to earn points for free prizes and entries for contests go visit you set up a account and enter codes from 20 oz bottles, 2 liters, and inside the 12 packs of the coke product family of products such as: Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta, Cherry coke, mello yellow etc. You earn points online by entering codes or if your signed up with and via your cell phone you can text the codes in as well. And you can use your points to enter contests and use your points for prizes.

Hot Cider K Cups coupon

I found this link to a coupon for K CUPS for Hot Cider.... let me know if you are able to use it and how you like the cider.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Business a Week......

Hey Y'all.... If you have your own Home based business, are a Independent sales consultant or rep for a home based business, have your own etsy store, your own small boutique, or are or have any Small Business and are a SMALL BUSINESS owner AT ALL!!!! i WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU... I will be spot lighting one business a week., contact me for details, also visit my blog and comment and tell me in a couple of paragraphs or less about your business and why you would like me to pick your business to be showcased. This will be for "marketing" purposes and to help you get your name out there more, networking, and exposure and also just so we all can learn more about "our neighbors" and businesses in our community etc.


Okay so Valentines Day is approximately 16 or 17 days away.... And i have some idea's i am thinking about for Bryan.... I do not know what he has planned for me!!! I know though whatever it is it will just be Fabulous and spectacular. Anyhow here are some Idea's or thoughts i have thought of so far... I Hope i do not have "The Bar" raised so high that if i can't accomplish it all or alot of it., That i do not get myself so discouraged and frustrated and stressed. That being said.... Here is what I am thinking about and what i would like to carry out. "OPERATION VALENTINES DAY!" Valentines morning: I wake up and make him either Pancakes or Waffles (and some how get them into the shape of a heart), and top it off with Whip cream/cool whip and maybe some strawberries or blueberries (does anyone know if either of these fruits are in season?) Then after he leaves for work.... I start making him some valentines day treats like sugar cookies (in heart shaped- hopefully) and frosted with red or pink frosting and maybe make him a special lunch (but, at least cookies) and then take a ride up to Plano to his work in time for lunch time and surprise him. Then come back home and start making preparations for a special Valentines day/night dinner and make a nice dessert (like a cake and try to put some kind of filling in the middle or something.) and then if i am able to.... to decorate and romance up our bedroom somehow like with some rose petals (don't think it will be real rose petals) (it's the thought that counts right ?) that is what i have so far.... So we will see how it goes... I hope i am not overwhelming myself. I just want to make valentines real special and memorable for him and i. What are your plans ? and what are you planning for your valentine ? comment here and let me know.... i love to hear other people's idea's and creativity and such.

IDEAS FOR EARNING MONEY.....A Natural Homeschooler: Extra $

My awesome pal Letrecia who "runs" has outlined on her blog and website ideas to make moey. Kudo's and thanks to Letrecia who is the reason and the person who has "got me into" survey taking and on to "The Study scene!" Thanks letrecia you are the best.... I love finding surveys online and places to do studies and signing up for databases for these places. THIS IS MY thing and i am excited to continue to find surveys and money making opportunities via studies etc. Click on the link and you will get right to her post and website.  Or the words underlined and in blue below.

A Natural Homeschooler: Extra $: I earn extra cash and sometimes points that are redeemable for cash and other prizes! I know as a homeschooling mother it can be tough somet...


So i have a my coke rewards accounts where i enter codes off their bottle caps of there drinks such as the Dasani water, coke, sprite, powerade and so on and so forth.... They also have codes inside there 12 packs and packs of soda. I love being a member of the my coke rewards family.... Because as you accrue points I can and so can you earn prizes and these ARE FREE and you can also use your points to enter contests, sweepstakes etc. Like i did around christmas time. At christmas on their website they had a instant win game where you could play and win a array or variety of PRIZES so i played not expecting to WIN!!! but, guess what ??? I did WIN!!! and i win twice in a row. My first prize i won was a $25 gift card from Dominos Pizza which we got and used a couple of weeks ago. It was YUMMY!!! and then the day before yesterday i got in the mail my other prize which was for a free 12 pack of soda including mello yellow, coke, diet coke, pibb, fanta etc. I went this morning and just got back from using the coupon and After the coupon was scanned I got it completely FREE!!! did not even have to PAY TAX!!! YAY ME.... If i can do it ..... you can do it!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

CALLING ALL BUSINESS OWNERS (SMALL) Independent consultants and reps and ....

Hey everyone if you are a Independent Sales rep and or consultant for a Direct Selling company and a company who has home parties, online parties (for example and such as AVON, MARY KAY, SCENTSY, VELATA, MICHE, GRACE ADELE, Pampered Chef, Tastefully simple, tupperware etc.) This post is for you.... I am still getting my money saving/giveaway and review blog and "gig going" and we all love good deals, we love contests, winning things and or FREE things if we are really lucky.. I am reaching out to all you who shae your time, talents, investment(S) in any and every way to bring us wonderful products and help shape the market place of america and all while doing so you have families and lives to take care of and a living to make. Like i said i am reaching out to you all to help you get more exposure for your product, service, and businesses. And in a way give free advertising. Here is where you and i and everyone comes in.... I would love to offer and set up giveaway(S) for you and like stated previously to help you get your business and name out there and you exposure. What i can and will do for you is review product and then write a review (IT WILL ALWAYS BE HONEST)... and then sponsor and host a giveaway where people can enter for chance(S) to win a prize(S) of your choosing and something "We" you and i or you choose and put together. Winners will be chosen randomly. You can find how i do/will do my giveaways under my "Promote your product/service" tab on my blog. Please read that and then we will correspond and set things up. I would love to hear from you if you Sell are are consultants, or reps for: *All Dazzle *At Home America *Aloette Cosmetics, Inc. *anyArt, Inc. *Avalla *Barefoot Books *Become International, Inc. *Herbalife *Isagenix *Blessings Unlimited *Celadon Road, Inc. *Celebrating Home *AVON *MARY KAY *Clever Container *Compelling Creations, Inc. *Conklin Company, Inc. *Cookie Lee *Creative Memories *Close to my heart (scrapbooking) *Daisy Blue Naturals *Demarle At Home, Inc. *Saladmaster *Pampered chef *DeTech, Inc. *Dove Chocolate Discoveries *Essential Bodywear *Fifth Avenue Collection, Inc. *Lia Sophia *For Every Home *Scentsy *Velata *Tastefully simple *Grace Adele *Miche *Gano Excel USA, Inc. *Gold Canyon *H2O at Home *Initials, Inc. *Jockey Person To Person *Jordan Essentials *US Norne Books *Kilambe Coffee *L'Bri Pure N' Natural *Lifestyles USA *Lindt Chocolate RSVP *The Longaberger Company *Maddy Moo Creations *Private Quarters *Orenda International, LLC *Paperly *Pink Papaya, LLC *Premier Designs, Inc. *Princess House, Inc. *Rena Ware International, Inc. *Send Out Cards *Signature HomeStyles *Simply Said, LLC *SimplyFun, LLC *Stampin' Up! *Stanley Home Products *SwissJust *Take Shape for Life, Inc.-Medifast *Tealightful Inc. *Thirty-One Gifts *Touchstone Crystal, Inc. *Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry *The Traveling Vineyard *U Design Jewelry *Uppercase living Sorry i know this is quite a list.... I do not however want to leave anyone out... *USANA Health Sciences, Inc. (I do not know if USANA is a direct selling company persay with independent reps) however if you work for them or have connections in anyway as to if we can set up a giveaway and sponsor one for them please do not hesitate to contact me. With a contact person or whatever. *Vantel Pearls in the Oyster *Wildtree *Vorwerk USA Co., L.P. *Willow House *WineShop At Home *YOR Health *Zermat International, LLC I hope i have not left anyone out.... Please let me know if i have. And if you do not see your compsny om the list and would like to get in on the action please do not hesitate to contact me. Message me and or leave me a comment here on this blog.

Monday, January 21, 2013


My Friend Olga from Endless memories photography has it going on... She is offering a free professional photo shoot for those of you who live in UTAH and even if you don't and you know and have friends and family who do who you would think would love something like this please be sure to enter this contest here are the details.... One hour Photography Session, with 25 edited images on a High Resolution DVD and the permission to print. This ends on February 14, 2013.... you can find all the details and how to enter by visiting carli @

Friday, January 11, 2013


Welcome to "Saving With Heidi"!!! I'd like to invite you on a exciting adventure as I learn and show you the best saving tips out there. I will also have contest and givaways that you definently DON'T want to miss! Please subscribe.... I want to thank my friend Latrecia over at Our Peaceful Cottage - for setting up my page!