Monday, May 20, 2013

Tip Hero's Father's Day Giveaway- ANNOUNCEMENT- GIVEAWAY COMING SOON!!!

Father's day is coming soon and I am so excited I will be able to help promote this giveaway.... I can't wait for this giveaway.... Tip Hero’s Father’s Day Giveaway Event Sign-ups are now open for this great new giveaway event!
  • Event is free to join with an announcement post. If you don't wish to post the announcement, please send the $5 non-post fee to
  • You'll receive 1 free link for participating (either Twitter or Pinterest)
  • Additional links (RSS/Email, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest) are available for $5 each
  • Sign-ups for this event close on May 22th
  • Event runs from May 24th - June 7th
  • Prize: $100 Home Depot gift card
Please send all payments to as a "gift" via PayPal. Sign up for this event here.

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