Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I Love Getting Free stuff especially Free FOOD..... Don't you ?  Well if you do then this post is JUST FOR YOU!!!!!!

My Birthday is this month - Actually it's tomorrow.... And so in honor of this occasion I have over the last weeks been receiving to my email and some actual post cards and coupons in the mail for Either FREE MEALS or Free with a Purchase coupons etc.

Yesterday I redeemed and got me a Free Big Sandwich from DICKEY'S via their Yellow Cup club.

Today I was able to go over to ZAXBY'S (yes they built a new one right off 5600 W and 2700 South in Highbury Center (the "new" shopping center that was built a couple years ago or sooner) By the Target, Kneaders etc. ZAXBY'S just opened a couple of days ago. 

So if you want FREE OR REAL DEEPLY DISCOUNTED OFFERS for and during the month of your birthday be sure to visit or you can just do a search for Birthday Freebies.

Here are the places I am a member of their birthday and e-clubs (also a lot of these places will send a offer for your anniversary (wedding) and you will get something on your anniversary of joining the eclub as well in addition to offers through out the year).

*Marie Callendars

those are just a few of many......

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