Monday, March 11, 2013


I have had the opportunity of reviewing a "IT WORKS!" Body wrap. I got it last week and i tried it out this last Friday. If you are not familiar with IT WORKS!!! and let me say i wasn't either till i found them online and found one of their awesome independent consultants Carol Dover Anyhow "IT WORKS" is a company who has products that allows people to Target any area of their body to better Tighten, Firm, and tone. All you do is unwrap the applicator and put it on the area in which you want to tighten and firm or tone and you only wear it for approximately 45 minutes and then when you take it off you rub the excess lotion on the area where you had it on at. Products are real easy to order... you can order via: or through a independent consultant of your choice. THE REVIEW: Carol sent me a wrap to review and I will be giving my Honest Opinion- I always will. Personally for me though i did not feel that this product ia one that is a good fit for me or one i would recommend. Since i tried this product a few days ago and followed all the instructions and did things how you are supposed to. I noticed hardly any difference. It actually made me break out a little and i got a rash., The wrap isn't something that stays on alot or to good. In less than 45 minutes i found the wrap falling off and coming off on it's own. I had "pictured" in my mind that the wrap would be "long enough" to wrap around (all the way) around your waist or such area(S). So i also was real disappointed at that. So unfortunately This item is not something i would recommend. However i will never discourage anyone else from purchasing these products. Every one is different and results of course will be different for everyone and individually. I am glad though for the opportunity to try and review this item.

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