Thursday, March 28, 2013


As many of you may know My very first Giveaway ended on Sunday night at midnight. Going into Monday from Sunday.

Anyhow I had picked my winner and we got things going and the "ball rolling" to get her prize sent to her.

She is a very nice and lovely lady from I believe she lives in Michigan with some wonderful grandchildren. She was and is real excited to receive the prize.

You know when you do these blogs.... Not to often do we receive thanks from readers, followers thanking us for all we do to help all us other and fellow consumers out. Which is a SHAME! I wish we all as bloggers would be shown and thanked more....

Here is what I want to share with you all!!!

A "THANK YOU!" from one of my fellow followers and bloggers. She emailed and posted this - this morning.  Actually it was last night.

"I just wanted to say Thanks for all the great work you put into your blog to help the rest of us.  I was the winner for the VELATA GIVEAWAY and I can't tell you how excited I am, this is going to be fun with the grandkids.  Also please tell your sponsor (I think her name was Sara) thanks for this great giveaway.  I will send pics soon. "

Pics will be coming soon....  I hope you all will continue to stay tuned to more giveaways and reviews and also continue to follow my blog and I also hope and pray I will be able to continue to help you all and also make this blog a HUGE SUCCESS!!!

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