Monday, December 9, 2013

Credit Karma.....

Are you frustrated with all the advertising for credit score sites such as etc. claiming to allow you to be able to see your credit report etc. for free but, then ask you for a credit card number and charge you if you do not cancel a membership before a trial ends?

If this describes you!!! Then you are not alone....  If you are asked for a credit card info then your not getting your report, and or score for FREE!!! and to me that is not right, it's false advertising and bait and switch which is illegal and WRONG in every way.

I have good news for us all.... if you are truly looking for a way to see both your score and report FOR FREE!!! I have found it.... It's Credit Karma you can visit them @ - I just went there and it's TRUE!!! it is completely free did not have to put in any credit card or banking or payment info at all. And with Credit Karma you can log on as many times as you want for free.

Steer away and beware of sites that ask for credit card and payment info. Even as they maybe highly recognized it don't mean their business practices are completely kocher.

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