Wednesday, January 30, 2013


So i have a my coke rewards accounts where i enter codes off their bottle caps of there drinks such as the Dasani water, coke, sprite, powerade and so on and so forth.... They also have codes inside there 12 packs and packs of soda. I love being a member of the my coke rewards family.... Because as you accrue points I can and so can you earn prizes and these ARE FREE and you can also use your points to enter contests, sweepstakes etc. Like i did around christmas time. At christmas on their website they had a instant win game where you could play and win a array or variety of PRIZES so i played not expecting to WIN!!! but, guess what ??? I did WIN!!! and i win twice in a row. My first prize i won was a $25 gift card from Dominos Pizza which we got and used a couple of weeks ago. It was YUMMY!!! and then the day before yesterday i got in the mail my other prize which was for a free 12 pack of soda including mello yellow, coke, diet coke, pibb, fanta etc. I went this morning and just got back from using the coupon and After the coupon was scanned I got it completely FREE!!! did not even have to PAY TAX!!! YAY ME.... If i can do it ..... you can do it!!!!

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  1. That's great Heidi! I'm a huge fan of free too! Don't forget to stop by my page ( and sign up for the free Papa Johns Pizza since the super bowl is almost here!!!!