Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Okay so Valentines Day is approximately 16 or 17 days away.... And i have some idea's i am thinking about for Bryan.... I do not know what he has planned for me!!! I know though whatever it is it will just be Fabulous and spectacular. Anyhow here are some Idea's or thoughts i have thought of so far... I Hope i do not have "The Bar" raised so high that if i can't accomplish it all or alot of it., That i do not get myself so discouraged and frustrated and stressed. That being said.... Here is what I am thinking about and what i would like to carry out. "OPERATION VALENTINES DAY!" Valentines morning: I wake up and make him either Pancakes or Waffles (and some how get them into the shape of a heart), and top it off with Whip cream/cool whip and maybe some strawberries or blueberries (does anyone know if either of these fruits are in season?) Then after he leaves for work.... I start making him some valentines day treats like sugar cookies (in heart shaped- hopefully) and frosted with red or pink frosting and maybe make him a special lunch (but, at least cookies) and then take a ride up to Plano to his work in time for lunch time and surprise him. Then come back home and start making preparations for a special Valentines day/night dinner and make a nice dessert (like a cake and try to put some kind of filling in the middle or something.) and then if i am able to.... to decorate and romance up our bedroom somehow like with some rose petals (don't think it will be real rose petals) (it's the thought that counts right ?) that is what i have so far.... So we will see how it goes... I hope i am not overwhelming myself. I just want to make valentines real special and memorable for him and i. What are your plans ? and what are you planning for your valentine ? comment here and let me know.... i love to hear other people's idea's and creativity and such.

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  1. OMG, so I just realized this is your FIRST Valentine's Day being married!!!! How exciting!