Wednesday, January 30, 2013

IDEAS FOR EARNING MONEY.....A Natural Homeschooler: Extra $

My awesome pal Letrecia who "runs" has outlined on her blog and website ideas to make moey. Kudo's and thanks to Letrecia who is the reason and the person who has "got me into" survey taking and on to "The Study scene!" Thanks letrecia you are the best.... I love finding surveys online and places to do studies and signing up for databases for these places. THIS IS MY thing and i am excited to continue to find surveys and money making opportunities via studies etc. Click on the link and you will get right to her post and website.  Or the words underlined and in blue below.

A Natural Homeschooler: Extra $: I earn extra cash and sometimes points that are redeemable for cash and other prizes! I know as a homeschooling mother it can be tough somet...


  1. Thanks Heidi! Us "wives" must stick together and help bring extra income since our husbands work so very hard!

  2. Yes Ma'am absolutely.... I love my hard working husband....