Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kohls - Gift Registry & Special Days updates....

Hey Y'all... Here i am.... I know it has been a few days but, i haven't forgotten about you all. In going through my email and researching online this morning I found this update about Kohl's Gift Registry- Special day's lists and registries. The highlights are as follows:

*You can now share your regisrty with friends and family via email and Facebook

 *If you are trying to keep it a surprise (I.E. if you are throwing a surprise party for someone) you now have the option of turning purchase status OFF. This will hide the number of items remaining to be purchased from your registry. (I personally still do not understand how this keeps things a surprise). But, that's okay!!!

 *Privacy Settings- by making your registry private (if that is what you choose to do) it will not be viewable online, at store kiosks, or in the store. (I like this because target has this option as well and if you are keeping a list a surprise or want it private for any reason you now have the option to).

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