Monday, February 4, 2013


For all you money saving gals, and diva's and ladies who are in and on the couponing scene or wanting to get a start with saving money and couponing. A word to the wise and for Awareness.... DO NOT!!!! yes you all are reading this right- DO NOT USE you know how you used to be able to print off as many coupons as you would like and be able to load coupons for FREE?!?!?!?! - Well NO MORE!!!! in order to use there website and print off coupons of there website they now require you to pay for a subscription/membership of sorts to get coupons. Something we all used to be able to get for free. It is a rip off to the general public, and bad business and a website should not be charging us consumers to do the very thing we can, want and need to for our families to save money. They are taking the concept of saving money away from us in order to make a profit.... It don't cost money to put coupons on a website. Yet use a free service and websites such as, and they are free (at least the last time i checked). We shouldn't have to pay to download and print coupons. SHAME ON COUPONS.COM ..... BAD BUSINESS!!!! make everyone you know aware of this and let's stop using there website and send them a message to say we will not pay a fee to get coupons. It is one thing if you are paying for a newspaper that has coupons in them. But, even then your not paying extra for the coupons. You pay for the newspaper and that's it!!!

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