Monday, February 11, 2013


Just a while ago i got back from Kroger. I picked up a few items (3 items) which consisted of a 18 oz jar/container of Kroger peanut butter, 1 bag of "golden" tortilla chips (10 oz bag), and 1 dozen of Kroger of large eggs. I had 3 coupons to use as well... I got the Eggs for free they would normally been approximately $1.69 , I got the Peanut Butter for free (that normally would have been approx $1.78 give or take a "few cents"), and the bag of chips usually cost $1.00 then you have to add tax and such. After my coupons were taken off.... for the 3 ITEMS i paid w/tax only $0.50 LOVE COUPONING.... YAY ME!!!!

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