Friday, June 14, 2013

Papparazzi Jewelry

I'm so happy to be able to write a post about and for Paparazzi Jewelry. I am so excited and thankful for this opportunity. I hope you will find what I write useful and helpful and at the same time exciting. Whether you are looking for a home based business company to join so you can make money to support your family or even just for extra spending money Or if you are just looking for some fashionable and sophisticated Jewelry.

Business Aspect:

Let me first talk about if you are looking to get into the business....

A question you may have would be.... Does it matter who I choose or who my Sponsor is ???

Yes it does because you want to have a Sponsor who will have your back and be there for you and help you even after you sign up. Not just there till you sign a contract and then after you are signed up you really do not hear to much from again and you do not want one who will just sign you up and then let you be on your own.

The qualities you want to make sure your sponsor (the consultant you sign up under) has

are the following:

*Is easily accessible - That is so important.... because you are going to have questions and if you try to reach them and they can't be reached how will they help you succeed ?

* Has a growing team - You want to be on a team who will be successful and grow so you can grow and have more opportunities to advance.

*Has a strong commitment to you and to Paparazzi - Commitment is so important. If the person you sign up with is not devoted and dedicated and don't care. They won't be there to help you. Because they are not committed themselves.

If they are not succeeding for any reason and do not have a desire to succeed Unfortunately you will not succeed.

I Love how Debbie demonstrates how she exercises all the attributes in her business that let's you know she is serious and committed and will be there for you.


So if you are just looking to purchase jewelry to compliment and enhance your personality and to add to your collection.
Paparazzi Jewelry is the way to go.... And here is why:

While you may think that because of the low cost of Paparazzi Jewelry that the quality and style will not live up to all the hype. Well....YOU'RE WRONG!!! Paparazzi Jewelry is unlike any other jewelry out there. It has all the fashion and quality as any expensive jewelry.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to get quality Jewelry....

It might also be better quality than those boutiques at the Malls with their "cheap" jewelry (Claire's). If you have never experienced Paparazzi Accessories and Jewelry then you are missing out! Once you are introduced to it you will NEVER pay for those overly priced jewelry ever again!

It has been said that "A $5 piece of jewelry will not change the world, BUT the women wearing it will!"

I Believe that whole heartedly.... Women are going to change the world in so many ways. And if we are going to do that we need to feel confident and good about ourselves right ?

Paparazzi Jewelry is Nickel and Lead FREE!*

Another thing I love about Paparazzi Jewelry is that they have quality jewelry at a very inexpensive price.


Quotations and other items that have been or may have been included in this post are courtesy of Paparazzi Jewelry and Their individual consultants and also of DEBBIE! I do not own some or most of the quotations.  They were used as resources.

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