Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Your Daily Bible Verse Book Giveaway.....

I recently had the wonderful opportunity working with my Friend Author Rachelle Ayala.

I was able to review her wonderful book

 "Your Daily Bible Verse"

I did a review the other day - here is the review i wrote so you all can see what i had to say about this wonderful book.


" I have had the wonderful opportunity to again team up with Author Rachelle Ayala to review another one of her books. This book is a very inspirational book that offers Daily thoughts and quotes from the Bible and also includes bible verses daily.

 When I started reading it I could not put it down. There is so much inspiration and truth and "Hope" in this publication. It is really at it's best when you are having a down day and you need extra hope, encouragement from the bible. It is very uplifting.... I am glad I have something like this in my library and it is something I definitely recommend!!!! It's TWO THUMBS UP!!!!  "

You all are in for a Special treat.... Rachelle - has given and provided a
Author Interview so you can familiarize yourself with her work and know more about who she is.   "What a Treat!"

Author Interview for Heidi Walls

Hi Rachelle. Welcome to my blog. Tell us a bit about yourself and your writing.

Answer: Hi Heidi, thanks for having me on your blog. I was a trained software engineer,

but have an active imagination and was always an avid reader. A couple years ago, I took my

company’s early retirement package and decided to devote my time to writing. My author tagline

is “Writing offbeat romances from sweet to spicy.” I love stories that have a romantic plot, but

do not like the cookie-cutter formula romances with predictable plots and clichéd characters.

So I look for unconventional situations and put my characters in intense plots filled with family

secrets, mystery or suspense. Since I am a Christian, I have some Christian themes in my stories,

but they are not marketed as Christian or inspirational literature, because I write real and deep,

which means my characters will explore all avenues of their emotions, including sex.

Question: Interesting. What types of readers do you think are attracted to your romances?

Answer: I’ve gotten rave reviews across the spectrum, from Sunday School teachers to

atheists and feminists. Although my readers are primarily women, I’ve also heard that men

really like Michal’s Window [the story about King David’s first wife], because half of the book

is written in David’s male point of view. We see David meeting the princess for the first time,

fighting battles, leading men and of course, seducing Bathsheba.

Question: I’ve read your book, Hidden Under Her Heart. It deals with some sensitive topics.

Why did you write that book?

Answer: It was a story that needed to be told. About choices. Sometimes you make a choice

when you’re young and you don’t think through all the consequences. Hidden Under Her Heart

is a book I hope all young women and men will read so they will be prepared for the tough

decisions life sometimes throws at them. I’ve given 70000 copies away free because I believe

the message is important. By experiencing Maryanne’s dilemma, I hope readers will face their

own beliefs and ask themselves what they really feel. I already have readers write me about how

Hidden Under Her Heart has affected their life. This, I feel is the real blessing of being a writer,

to be a help to someone else for more than a few hours of entertainment.

Question: Tell us about the Bible Verse book.

Answer: The Bible Verse book is a compilation of verses from the King James Bible. I

envisioned it as a daily devotional as well. Again, it was a book I wished someone had arranged,

so I decided to do it myself. What I did differently was to take a month and date. For example,


June 23

 and associate a Bible Verse with the Chapter and Verse corresponding to it. Romans

6:23. This way, I have a memory verse for the day and a concept to think about.

Question: [ your comments about the Bible Verse book]. Thanks for visiting with us. Where

can readers contact you or find out more about your books?

Answer: My website http://rachelleayala.me has a summary of my works and a Contact page

under the About menu item. I also blog at http://rachelleayala.com and present other author’s

works as well as book reviews. Please visit my Facebook page and drop me a message: http:/

/www.facebook.com/rachelleayalawriter thanks a lot Heidi! I would love to giveaway a paper

copy of Your Daily Bible Verse. It is available for 99c as an ebook from Amazon, Barnes &

Noble, Kobo, Apple and other places, but the paper version is handier to have at your nightstand.

It is also available at Amazon for less than $5.

And as a added "Treat!" Rachelle has done it again!!! She is offering ONE LUCKY WINNER!

A COPY of her Daily Bible verse book. You can get it in either PRINT or as a E-book download.

Upon completion of the giveaway and notification to the winner. The winner will have 24 hours to contact me back to claim their prize and give their contact info including mailing address, email address, phone number etc. for shipping purposes. If i do not hear from the winner within that time period i unfortunately will need to choose another winner.

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