Sunday, September 15, 2013

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing- Serving the San Fransico, Sonoma County, & Bay Area's

From  the Bay Area/ Concord/ Novato/ Redwood City/ San Jose/ and  Santa Rosa

I am honored to have the opportunity to have done research and write a Article for a wonderful plumbing company Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

In my research of this company I find them to be a very convienent, punctual company whose priority is to serve their customer's and do so in a very customer friendly, punctual, and exceptional manner.

Highlights of what Benjamin Franklin plumbing "The Punctual plumbers" are known for and
EXCELL at are:

*Top Quality service
*Customer Satisfaction

What can you count on with each and every service from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing ?

Well from my research and seeing customer testimonials on their website
you can count on.....

*Plumbers who are highly skilled and trained. They know their stuff - They will come to your home and get the job done and done right.

*Pricing that is up front and honest- the price they give you is the price you pay. You will never be "Hit" with a hidden fee. If you do not approve the pricing then they will work with you even before they start work.

* Guranteed work: if they do any work such as anything plumbing and it FAILS within the first 2 years then they will fix the problem for you at no additional cost.

*Mess Clean up: When they are done with the job they are hired to do. Before they leave they will clean up the mess. rather than leave it for you to do. 

Other Area's of specialty:

They specialize also in Plumbing Maitenence , Leak Detection, and Water heater installation and so much more....

You can request appointments and service online, If you schedule an appointment online they will reward you with a $25 off discount. How sweet is that ?

you can sign up for their newsletter, coupons online. Also you can read customer reviews/testimonials online.

also on their website you can watch video's and more.

They of course are on social media so you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

So there you have it.... If you are in the Bay Area or Sonoma county and surrounding area's and need a plumber be sure to visit: and schedule an appointment. You can also contact them @ North Bay 415.821.4357 , East Bay 925.939.7077 , Peninsula 650.235.1434 , or Sonoma County 707.545.2579

And they will take care of you. I would definitely recommend this company.

***NOTE: Some of this content came from their website so all credit is due and goes to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing - this does not belong to me. All other content and opinions are 100% mine and true.


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