Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Preparing for FALL.....

It is getting that time of year again. The time of year when the color of the leaves change, leaves fall from the trees and when the time comes that we prepare our homes most importantly for both Fall and Winter.

Being caught unprepared and unaware can and will cause nothing but frustration and money.

Here are idea's and tips to prevent such frustration....

1. You can plant your plants and or bulbs for spring NOW! while the weather is still good and before the ground freezes up and it get's to cold.  And so it don't become a "CHORE!" and you can enjoy your plants etc.

2. Mow your lawn for one last time for the year so you can put away the lawnmower and begin the process of winterizing (in whatever way possible and that you choose).

3. If you have anything in your home like a fireplace or chimney. Be sure to clean them out- did you know that a lot of winter or fall fires start as a result of a dirty fireplace or chimney ? and if you are unsure how to undertake this task you can look up in the phone book, by word of mouth, friends, family etc. for a safe and inexpensive way and person who can help you get this done.

4. For all your fire needs- STOCK up on firewood. You can find logs from neighbors or family who has them and chops them and who likely would be willing to sell you as much as you want. Or you can always go to your favorite retailer to purchase some firewood (fire starter).

5.  Before winter set's in be sure to get a full Heating maintenance  check-up and service for your home HVAC unit. The awesome people @ Ben Franklin Plumbing - they are located and service the Bay Area/ Concord/ Novato/ Redwood City/ San Jose/ Santa Rosa area's

They Offer: 

Bathroom Plumbing
 Emergency Plumbing
 Leak Detection
 Plumbing Repair
 Repiping Sewer & Drain Cleaning
 Slab Leaks
 Water Heaters
 Water Softeners
 Water Filtration

There would be nothing like having a Emergency Plumbing need in the winter. Even if you do though the Guys at Ben Franklin Plumbing will come to your rescue. How is that for service ?

I would love to have these guys on my side and to come take care of my plumbing needs. I would most definitely call them if I lived in the area or one of the area's that they service.

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